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  • What do you do with the video recordings?
    All videos will be stored in our lab with restricted access. Only study personnel in the lab using the research room will be able to access them. FIles will only contain your partcipant ID numbers, never your names. We will use the videos to examine general patterns of communication behavior.
  • What do you do with my saliva and urine samples?
    Physiological samples will be stored in Dr. Makhanova's wet lab in the basement of Memorial Hall. Access to this lab is restricted to authorized personnel. Samples will only be labeled with your particpiant ID number, never your names. We do our best to analyze all samples in our own lab however we may need to send them to another lab if we don't have specialized equipment. If we ever send it to another lab, the other lab will only have your ID numbers and will never know your personal information.
  • Where can I park?
    We will have a free parking spot for you to use in the parking lot on the corner of Maple and Leverett (on the left if your car is facing campus). The spot is very close to the sorority house and is numbered. Please park your car in a spot where there is a PSYC research parking sign. I’ve attached a picture for reference. Once you park, you will cross the street to Memorial Hall where you will enter on the Maple St entrance. Through those doors you will find an experimental waiting room. When you walk towards the stairs, you will see the Psychological Clinic on the right. It is directly across from some vending machines. We will be out to meet you at your appointment time OR you can call 479-575-6613.
  • How do I get to Memorial Hall?
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