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This is the website for a psychology study conducted by Dr. Anastasia Makhanova and her research team at the University of Arkansas. We are interested in examining how couples navigate the transition to parenthood, and all of the emotional and physiological changes this important, yet stressful, transition may bring.

Pea in a Pod stands for Physiological and Emotional Adjustment (PEA) in a Parenthood Outcomes Dataset (POD).

We are currently recruiting participants!

​We are looking for couples in Northwest Arkansas who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Someone is currently pregnant (must be at least 18 weeks and less than 31 weeks along)

  • Both partners must be at least 18 years old

  • Couples can be dating or married but must be in a monogamous relationship

  • This is the first child for both partners

  • Both couple members must be able to come to the University of Arkansas twice (once during pregnancy and once around 6 months post-partum; each visit lasts less than 2 hours and we provide a parking spot

  • Both couple members must be interested in participating in the study!

  • Participation begins during pregnancy and continues until 12 months post-partum

Participating couples can earn $435 in Amazon gift cards throughout the course of the study. See the About our Research, Study Process, and Study FAQ tabs above for full study information. We deeply care about our participants' comfort and privacy, so we tell you everything up front.

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